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Mandatory requirement for Companies to sing up for an official electronic address from 1 January 2023

24 May 2022 |

According to the Clause 5 (1) 2), of the official electronic address law, from 1 January 2023 all companies have to use electronic address (hereinafter – “the e-address”). It is possible to register the e-address already now. From the day of registration of the e-address or from 1 January 2023, whichever is earlier, all further official correspondence with state and municipal institutions will happen not through the legal address but through this e-address.

Only the persons, who have legal rights to represent the company, i.e., Members of the Board or procurers can register the e-address. Later, use of address can be delegated to any other person. In order to register the e-address a person that has legal rights to represent the company needs to have a Latvian personal code and any of the following e-identification tools:

  1. mobile app eParaksts mobile; or,
  2. eID card; or
  3. foreigner’s eID card; or
  4. eParaksts card for legal persons.

The e-address can be registered in the internet page https://latvija.lv/eaddress/reg, using qualified electronic identification tools – eID card, eParaksts card, eParaksts mobile or eIDAS.

If the person who has the right to represent the company does not have a Latvian personal code, he or she needs to apply to the Latvian Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs.

For your convenience we have prepared a Step-by-step instruction for registering e-address.

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