Because we are very much oriented on letting our Clients to concentrate on their core business, we do not restrict ourselves to a certain list of services that we provide. We are willing to help our Clients in any way that we can in the fields of our skills and expertise.

Key services that we provided during the 10+ years of our history can be summarized as follows.



We perform for our Clients a wide variety of functions typically performed in companies by an accountant and/ or finance department. The functions include:

  • keeping accounting records;
  • submission of required reports to state authorities;
  • financial analysis;
  • management reporting;
  • consulting the management on various accounting, tax and general business issues.

When requested by Clients A2B employees also represent the Client by acting as the Client's accountants in contacts with state authorities, customers, debtors, creditors, banks and other institutions.

We perform the work mostly at our premises. For some clients or project we can also work during regular visits at the Client's premises.


Preparation of rent agreements

Because many of our Clients are engaged in real estate business, often they need to prepare rent agreements both with related and third parties. In cases when the Client does not have an in-house lawyer, nor outsources this to a specialized law office, we prepared rent agreements, sometimes using help of outsourced professional lawyers.

Preparation of employment agreements

We prepared many employment agreements between a company and employees, or a company and its manager in cases when such agreements were needed mostly for accounting purposes. We did not undertake preparation of employment agreements when it was important to protect a company’s interests in its relations with its employees. However, we expressed our opinion and gave advice on the subject matter.

Preparation of loan agreements

We prepared many loan agreements between related parties when such agreements were needed for accounting purposes only and it was not necessary to protect our Client’s interests as a party thereof.

Preparation of Financial Statements

We prepared Financial Statements for some Clients who have their own accounting departments and find it more efficient to outsource the financial statements preparation procedure. We also prepared Financial Statements to several companies whose accountants have failed to do so on time.


We calculate our fees based on expected number of hours required to execute the work and A2B standard hourly rates at the time of execution of respective work. Currently Assistants to Business standard hourly rates (excluding VAT) are as follows:

  • Financial Consultant / Accountant – EUR 65;
  • Assistant Accountant – EUR 36.

Should the planned number of hours for Assistant Accountant exceed 50 hours per month, we may discuss using another pricing principle, e.g., salary cost plus margin.

In order to assess time required we will need to the following information:

  • volume of transactions that need to be captured in accounting;
  • data exchange procedure;
  • contents and frequency of management reports;
  • scope of related responsibilities.

We usually get this information during a meeting where we discuss Client's business, needs and requiements. Some Clients find it more convenient to send us the information required to assess the accounting fees before the meeting.

In order to allow Clients to be in control of their accounting costs we usually offer a fixed rate for certain volume of transactions. Incase additional work is required, we agree on fees for such work or charge additional fees based on time spent.

Additional work may include:

  • work related to financial audits;
  • work related to audits, reviews and processing requests from the State Revenue Service;
  • preparation of budgets.

Tax advices and consultations

We have seen many thick consulting reports that were implemented late or partly, because Client did not have enough focus or resources to follow them through. Important feature of our consultations is that after providing the consultations we aim to get the Client’s decision on the advice and take responsibility for implementation of it.

Restructuring of financing structure of a holding

Upon taking over accounting of a Latvian holding company, we identified significant VAT saving opportunity. This required change of the structure how the holding financed its subsidiaries. We informed the holding’s finance director on the opportunity and he created new principles of the financing structure. Based on that we prepared detailed calculations. Upon the finance director’s edits and subsequent approval, we implemented the new financing structure. This included preparation of numerous agreements, issue of invoices, and communication with the daughter companies’ finance departments.

Optimization of several transactions between a Latvian subsidiary of an international investment fund and its foreign parent company

In the course of maintaining accounting for a Latvian subsidiary of an international investment fund, we noted a tax optimization opportunity of several soon to be effected transactions. We raised the issue with the management of the Latvian subsidiary and upon their approval explained the situation to representatives of the fund. Further we implemented of the decision, which involved advising the fund’s finance representative on required actions and preparation of several agreements.

Preparation of financial part of business plans for a consulting company

We prepared significant number of financial part of business plans required for obtaining European Financing.

Preparation of budget highlights for an investment proposal

Based on the budget prepared by a Client, we have prepared budget highlights on one page that provides all required information and is easy to present and to understand to potential investors. During the course of the project we hoted and corrected also technical errors in the budget that affected resulting figures.

Consultations on financial structure of business

We consulted and advised on financial structure a hotel chain entering Latvia.

Company registration

Registration of companies and representative offices in Latvia

When our new Clients wanted to start their business in Latvia, we answered their questions, conducted feasibility studies, advised on best way to structure the business and, when the Client took decision, registered companies or representative offices.

Increase of share capital

There are several cases when it is important to increase share capital in order to legally optimize taxes or reduce risks. When we identified such cases, we informed our Clients and registered increase of share capital.

Registration of changes in owners and management

For Clients who do not have an in-house lawyer we often registered changes in owners and management.

Execution of company liquidation

When due to different reasons our Clients decided to discontinue operations of their companies, they asked us what is the best way to do it. In several cases liquidation of the company was appropriate. We prepared liquidation plan and executed liquidations acting as the company liquidator.

Registration of company merger

In one case, auditors advised our Client to merge two companies. We followed up on the advice and performed necessary actions in order to make sure that the management of the company takes relevant decision. This involved several reminders, additional explanations and expression of our independent opinion. When the Client took the decision to merge the Companies, we performed necessary actions to execute it.

Other business support services

Provision of temporary staff to replace accountant

We provided a major retail chain with temporary staff to replace an accountant until the Client fills respective vacancy. We also provided temporary staff to test and support migration of accounting system.

Reconstruction of lost accounting data and consultations on accounting organization

We led work to reconstruct lost accounting data and consulted on accounting organisation to a company in Ukraine.

Obtaining residence permits in Latvia

We provided assistance in obtaining residence permit in Latvia.

Documentation of business procedures

We prepared management documents (procedures, instructions, process flowcharts, checklists, etc.) and consult on improvement of business processes.


If you have any questions regarding our services or accounting in general, or if you need assistance in the field of our expertise please contact us.