Information required to assess the accounting fees

Short description of business

Please describe your business in a few paragraphs.

Volume of transactions


  • Average sales amount per month.
  • Number of sales invoices per month.
  • Who will prepare the sales invoices – the Client or A2B?


  • Number of purchase invoices from Latvian vendors.
  • Number of purchase invoices from foreign vendors.
  • Number of people that will submit advance reports.
  • Average number of receipt in an advance report.


  • Number of employees with fixed salary.
  • Number of employees with variable salary.

Business trips

  • Number of employees going to business trips.
  • How often the employees will go to the business trips.


  • Number of banks and bank accounts.
  • Average number of transactions on the bank accounts.
  • Who will input payments in internet-bank – A2B or the Client?

Car leases

  • Number of finance car leases.
  • Number of operative car leases.

Management reports

What management reports do you need in addition to the statutory reports, for example:

  • Operative Balance Sheet and Profit and Statements.
  • Operative cash Flow Statements.
  • Debtors reports.
  • Creditors reports.

How frequently do you need these reports?

Data exchange

Accounting software to be used

  • Do you use your own accounting software?
  • If you use your own accounting software, what software is it?