Recruitment process

If your CV and motivation letter gives us an impression that you might be the right person for us, we will invite you for an interview.

The successful candidates will then be invited to pass a test. The test simulates a typical task that may be given for junior staff. One of our team members will explain the task, give necessary guidance and answer questions of the candidate. Then the candidate will have to make calculations and report using MS Excel and comment the results using MS Word. The candidate may ask questions to A2B team members throughout the process. After the task is completed, our team member will review it and make corrections, based on which the candidate will have to improve his calculations and report.

During the task we value candidate’s general understanding, computer skills, ability to learn quickly, attentiveness, accuracy and general working style.

After the test we discuss its results internally and contact candidate usually within 1 week from the test.

Depending on our schedule and CV and motivation letter evaluation, we sometimes, may first invite for test and then for interview.