Internship opportunities

We believe internship has many benefits both for interns and us.

Interns get:

  • – real working experience;
  • – free training in various areas;
  • – opportunity to develop valuable skills;
  • – better understanding of work environment and market demands;
  • – valuable contacts;
  • – better chances to get job in the company.

At the same time we get:

  • – free labour;
  • – opportunity for our employees to delegate routine and less interesting tasks;
  • – time to evaluate person before offering a job.

Our experience shows that strong interns give a positive impact on our development and, when possible, we offer them job in the company. At the same time, weak interns consume a lot of our time and produce poor results. That’s why we select interns carefully by following similar procedure as with ordinary recruiting, although with less strict demands.

We have a good collaboration with BA School of Business and Finance from where come most of our interns. We also accept interns from other high schools.

Our interns usually are given simple support tasks, like printing, scanning, update of checklists, etc., and simple parts of junior staff tasks, e.g., input of documents into accounting system, formatting of reports, etc. We believe that internship in A2B provides very good opportunities for personal growth. For talented and enthusiastic people who do not have necessary skills for getting a job in A2B yet, internship is a perfect opportunity to show themselves, acquire the necessary skills and get a job. We have employed a few people after the internship.

We do not offer any pay for internship because we invest a lot of our time in their training. However, we sometimes award interns who delivered good results with monetary bonuses.