Career opportunities

Assistant Accountant

After a short introductory training your initial responsibilities will include:

  • – communication with Clients;
  • – inputting invoices and bank statements into accounting program
  • – assistance in preparation of statutory declarations and management reports
  • – assistance in preparation of financial statements
  • – analysis of Clients’ financial position.

Your main goal during the 3 month probation period will be:

  • – learn to perform routine accounting operations for several clients;
  • – take responsibility for performance of the routing accounting operations.

By the end of probation period we expect you to be useful in serving Clients you have been assigned. You need to know what operations need to be performed and when. You need to perform the routine accounting operations with high quality and, if necessary, remind the other team members to check your work and perform their part of work.

In addition to accounting, from time to time you may be assigned for some consulting projects, like preparation of budgets, reconstruction of accounting, etc.

You also will have the opportunity to participate in our internal development projects, like:

  • – development and analysis of time reporting system;
  • – preparation and analysis of our budgets;
  • – cost analysis and optimization;
  • – marketing and sales;
  • – development of procedure manuals;
  • – development of training materials.

When you will be able to take responsibility for full accounting cycle and realization of consulting projects you will be promoted to Accountant or Financial Consultant position.

If you will demonstrate your ability to manage Assistants to Business you will have opportunity to join management team and, eventually, become a partner of Assistants to Business.

Our competent and fun-to-work-with team members will guide you through accounting, finance and client relations challenges.