Collaboration conditions for the Programming Consultant

The following Collaboration Conditions are in the process of development.

  1. Nature of work
  2. Fees and billing
    1. Before commencing work on any task, the Consultant shall inform A2B about expected time that will be needed for completion of the task and obtain A2B’s approval fn the expenses. If, in the course of the the work the Consultant understands that more hours will be needed than it was approved by A2B, the Consultant will stop the work and immediately inform A2B about the time already spent and new expected time needed. The consultant will resume the work only after A2B’s approval of the revised expenses.
    2. A2B reserves the right not to pay for time that exceeds the time approved by A2B.
  3. Intellectual property rights
    1. A2B retains all intellectual property rights on the code, design, concepts an ideas developed by the Consultant in the course of the project.
    2. The Consultant may use small parts of code that constitute individual functions, e.g., accordions, database reading and writing functions, filtering functions, etc., that he produced for or learned in the course of working with A2B with the following restrictions. The Consultant will never use any parts of code that constitue parts of the system developed by A2B. This means that the consultant will not use parts of the code that represent a page or a part of page with certain functionality. A2B retains all rights for using the system or parts of the system in other projects.