Procurement needs

Programming consultant for web-page and business process support systems development

Looking for an experienced web developer for consulting and assistance in development of business support system for an accounting company.

We find it too expensive and complicated to completely outsource programming of web pages and business process support systems. It takes too much time and efforts to explain what we need and then review and thest the work. Therefore we want to try to develop our web page IT systems using a different approach. Since we have the basic understading of html, php, java-scripts and MySQL, we want to try to do the design, programming and improvements internally. For this we need a consultant, who would:

  • tell us how best to solve some tasks;
  • write code for necessary functions that we can implement in our systems;
  • find bugs in code.

You will answer on our questions and give us code for necessary functions over skype or other similar system. You will have access to the system to look at the code and maybe do some part of work.

We are open to discuss other ways to collaborate in order to get the job done.

After improvement of a couple web pages we want to gradually start development of our an IT system that would suppport and automate our business processes. This system would have the following functionality:

  • log-in for each employee;
  • electronic whiteboard for employees to write Meeting Room booking time and absence time;
  • database of planned recurring and ad-hock tasks with reminders, display of status, etc..
  • actual Time Reporting integrated with planned tasks;
  • documentation of accounting processes and procedures for all Clients linked to the database of planned recurring and ad-hock tasks.

More information:

Collaboration conditions.

Web page criteria.

Questions and tasks.