Mission, Vision, Values and Goals



Our mission is to let our Clients concentrate on their core business. To let the Clients do what:

  • they like doing;
  • they do best;
  • only they can do best.


  • As practically possible let the employees do what the like doing and what they do the best;
  • Create opportunities for learning and personal development;
  • Atmosphere where you can live in the work, not only work to live.


  • Help students better orient on labour market;
  • Provide venue for skills development (through internship);
  • Support talented students by scholarships;
  • Pay taxes.


We allow our Clients to concentrate on their core business by providing reasonably priced high quality accounting, finance management and consulting services. We proactively seek to:

  • Understand Client's business and needs;
  • Find ways and propose how can we help the Client to reach his goals;
  • Deliver results.


  • Servicing philosophy – we do our best to service our Clients, colleagues and community.
  • Continuous education and learning.
  • People – we do business with People, our business is done by People.
  • Integration in client’s business – we integrate our service in Client’s business processes.