Accounting Software

We maintain accounting in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 and 1C version 8.3.

Each of the accounting programs has its own pros and cons that can be shortly summarised as follows:

Feature Microsoft
Multiple users with different access levels Excellent Fair
Opportunity to limit access to payroll information to certain users Excellent Poor
Centralised setup management and maintenance for all companies Excellent None
Accounting by dimensions (revenue and cost centers) Excellent Fair
UX Excellent Fair
Accidental or deliberate changes to posted bookings Restricted Possible
Management reports Good Good
Speed Excellent Fair
Cost Very high Reasonable

We also maintain accounting and reporting in our Clients’ accounting software:

  • Microsoft Navision;
  • 1C;
  • ERPLY.

We also have some experience in maintaining accounting in Tildes Jumis.