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New joint account for tax payments

11 March 2021 |

From 2021, a new joint account for tax payments is introduced.

Also, payment deadline for all taxes has been set as 23rd date of month.

Requisites for the new bank account for tax payments:

Beneficiary: Valsts Kase
Beneficiary’s reg. Nr.: 90000010008
Beneficiary’s Bank: Valsts Kase
IBAN: LV33TREL1060000300000
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Subsidies offered for companies whose turnovers suffered from Covid-19

2 March 2021 |

Companies whose turnover suffered as a result of Covid-19 can apply for subsidies for the period from November 2020 through May 2021.

Subsidy size

For months of 2021, 60% (for months of 2020: 30%) of total gross salary paid in August, September and November 2020.

Maximal total subsidy size – EUR 100,000 per month.

Eligible companies

Subsidy can be claimed for the months, where turnover has decreased by at least 20% as compared to the average of turnover for August, September and November 2020and also by at least 30% as compared to the respective month of 2019 or 2020.

Deadline for applying

The subsidies can be applied for by 15 June 2021.

There are certain conditions the company should comply with for applying for the subsidy.

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Keyboard shortcuts to work with tables faster in Excel

14 September 2018 |

Ctrl + A – selects the entire contiguous range;

Ctrl + A Twice – selects the entire sheet;

Ctrl + Spacebar – selects the entire column;

Shift + Left/Right Arrow – selects multiple columns;

Shift + Spacebar – selects the entire row

Shift + Up/Down Arrow – selects multiple rows;

Shift + Backspace – deselect raw/column/table.

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Requirement to register a business location (struktūrvienība)

1 March 2018 |

According to Latvian law “On taxes and duties” (likums “Par nodokļiem un nodevām”) Clause 15.1 7 and MK Rules Nr. 537 “Rules on taxpayers and taxpayers business location registration in SRS” dated 22 September 2017 (2015. gada 22. septembra MK Noteikumi Nr. 537 “Noteikumi par nodokļu maksātāju un nodokļu maksātāju struktūrvienību reģistrāciju Valsts ieņēmumu dienestā”) companies have to register in SRS each location where they conduct business. This means that if a company has any operations outside its legal address, it needs to register it in SRS as a business location.

So, please check the following non all-inclusive list of most common types of operations that may require registration of a business location, if they are not conducted at a legal address:

  • office;
  • warehouse;
  • shop;
  • internet site accepting payments;
  • location of fixed assets rented or used for provision of services to Clients, e.g.,
    • coffie machines;
    • authomatic car washes
    • power and heating stations

The business location should be registered within 10 days from the date of taking respective decision on creation of such business location.

See more information on SRS website Struktūrvienības reģistrācija.

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Requisites for tax payments

1 February 2018 |

Corporate Income Tax

Beneficiary: Valsts Kase
Beneficiary’s Bank: Valsts Kase
IBAN: LV08TREL1060000121000
Purpose of payment: UIN par [year or month]

Personal Income Tax

Beneficiary: Valsts Kase
Beneficiary’s Bank: Valsts Kase
IBAN: LV91TREL1060000110000
Purpose of payment: IIN par [month]

Social Security Contributions

Beneficiary: Valsts Kase
Beneficiary’s Bank: Valsts Kase
IBAN: LV37TREL1060000220000
Purpose of payment: VSAOI par [month]

Value Added Tax

Beneficiary: Valsts Kase
Beneficiary’s Bank: Valsts Kase
IBAN: LV37TREL1060000511000
Purpose of payment: PVN par [month or quarter]
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Instructions for execution of tasks in Electronic Declaration System

1 February 2018 |

Approval of documents in EDS – How to approve documents prepared by your accountants using you internet bank authorisation data.

Submission of applications – Used for submission of Power Of Attorney, applications to transfer taxes, etc.

Granting EDS access rights – How to give access rights to EDS to your accountant.

Granting EDS User management rights – How to grant EDS user management rights to your accountant.

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