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A2B Pull Learning Concept

21 September 2018 |

One of the concepts that we are going to base our upcoming basic accounting training course upon is what we call “The Pull Learning Concept”.

Our traditional education is based on what I call “Push learning” model, i.e., knowledge is purshed into the students. Students come to a school, college or university and study what they are offered to learn.”

In the last few years, another learning model that I call “Pull learning” has started to evolve. In this model students have a strong desire to learn and take responsibility for getting the knowledge. For example, there are may internet resources where one can learn programming and other skills. My mom learns new recepies watching you tube videos. (Actually, she cooks so well that she should be making such videos herself.)

The main idea of A2B approach to learning is to shift accent from teacher giving knowledge to student getting (pulling) the knowledge.

Responsibility for the result is shifted from teacher to student – the student has 100% responsibility for the result.

A2B Role is to:

  • Propose the student curriculum and learning goals;
  • Give tools to evaluate success;
  • Give access to teachers (people who posess and share the knowledge) – this is not critical as people can learn elsewhere;
  • Help the student to evaluate results (check that I understand right or “correct me if I am wrong”).

So, A2B Task is to:

  • Prepare self training plan;
  • Prepare learning goals – for each session;
  • Prepare self-evaluation questions;
  • Deliver knowledge (in passive (Pull) mode);
  • Help to evaluate results (in Pull mode).

The student is in the centre here – A2B is assisting and responding – student is asking and requesting.

“We give you the roadmap and guidance – you do the walking”.

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Keyboard shortcuts to work with tables faster in Excel

14 September 2018 |

Ctrl + A – selects the entire contiguous range;

Ctrl + A Twice – selects the entire sheet;

Ctrl + Spacebar – selects the entire column;

Shift + Left/Right Arrow – selects multiple columns;

Shift + Spacebar – selects the entire row

Shift + Up/Down Arrow – selects multiple rows;

Shift + Backspace – deselect raw/column/table.

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New A2B web page is published but still under construction

4 January 2018 |

In the last week of 2017, we have published the new web page. The page is still under construction, because we want it to give visitors a feeling and understanding of who we are and what we do, and provide value from the first visit. We started to develop the page more than a year ago, but were too busy with our primary accounting and financial consulting work, and probably too perfectionist.

Unfortunately (or, should we say, fortunately), our web site was hacked and not worth revovering, so we decided to publish this new version, although it is not yet finalised.

After we make some design and layout improvements, we plan to add Latvian and Russian translations to most of the pages and then go on with gradually filling the site with valuable information.

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